security services

  • entrance control
    Flap Barriers
    It is pedestrian barrier installed in conjunction with any access control system provides valuable assistance to security personnel at any monitored entrance. This is available as a single- or multiple-lane setup .Flap Barrier are compatible with most access control systems, such as magnetic, biometric and proximity readers.
    Boom Barriers
    A boom barrier, also known as a boom gate, is a bar, or pole pivoted to allow the boom to block vehicular access through a controlled point. Typically the tip of a boom gate rises in a vertical arc to a near vertical position. Boom gates are often counterweighted, so the pole is easily tipped.
    • Came
    • Gunebo
    • Magnetic Autocontrols
    • Kaba
    • Shivananda
    • FAAC
  • vehicle management system
    The Vehicle Management Software is a system providing management functions which allows companies to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicles owned by the companies. Our Vehicle Management software is not restricted to managing the individual vehicles, but includes the daily management of vehicles, fuel and services, drivers, etc. When it comes to improving efficiency, productivity and reducing the overall costs involved with a company's vehicle fleet it is essential to have Vehicle Management Software in place.
  • intrusion alarm system
    A Intrusion alarm is a system designed to detect intrusion – unauthorized entry – into a building or area. Security alarms are used in residential, commercial, industrial, and military properties for protection against burglary (theft) or property damage, as well as personal protection against intruders. Car alarms likewise protect vehicles and their contents. Prisons also use security systems for control of inmates.
    • Honeywell
    • Securico
    • Tyco
  • access control
    In the fields of physical security and information security, access control (AC) is the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource.The act of accessing may mean consuming, entering, or using. Permission to access a resource is called authorization.Locks and login credentials are two analogous mechanisms of access control.
    • DDS
    • ESSL
    • HID
    • Honeywell
    • Solus
    • Siemens
    • Spectra
  • CCTV
    Closed-circuit television (CCTV), also known as video surveillance, is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors. It differs from broadcast television in that the signal is not openly transmitted, though it may employ point to point (P2P), point to multipoint (P2MP), or mesh wireless links.
    • Axis
    • Bosch
    • CP Plus
    • Honeywell
    • Hikvision
    • Samsung